Buzztae Balatong


Buzztae Balatong


Buzztae Balatong (2019) 8" x 12"

Balatong- one of my new exploded BOOMtanicals. BOOMtanicals are hand-held fuse drawn acrylic on paper illustrations. Each has its own personality.  As a group, they are a blast! 

I do believe I have created a new burned plant Kingdom. I call this Kingdom: Buzztae.

Each Buzztae has its own distinct shape and unique personality. They are framed in 17 x 13 black wooden frame with glass and 2-inch white mat.

They do not need water or sunlight.

Primitive, modern, and abstract - a Stick Vega original.  

American gunpowder artist, Vega places powder and fuses on the surface of the board, which he positions horizontally on the floor. When ignited, first the fuses burns instantly along the cord lines, igniting the gunpowder and creating loud bangs and flashes of fire, which then vanish in clouds of smoke. The result is a textured surface that looks and feels like an explosion—the acrylic paint on panel is blackened, charred, and erupted, arrested in a state of being created in a flash.

When the fuse is lit there a moment of uncertainty. What will happen? It is at that moment that true art exists.

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