Long And Straight

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Long And Straight


Long And Straight.  (2016)  18" x 24"  Fuse. Acrylic. Paper.

A golf balls' source of energy is its core.  And the core of this one is all gunpowder.  This ball was crafted of super slow burning gunpowder, the kind that is used in long range sniper rifles.  Hell yes, that makes this ball super long and straight.  The unique dimple pattern of tiny gold cylinders enhances the look and performance.  

The tee is crafted of hand-held fuse!

Picture yourself with this ball on the first tee!  BOOM!  Long and Straight.

Long And Straight will be auctioned at the Dane Rogers Memorial Golf Outing, Saturday June 11th.  If you would like to buy it in advance, 100% of the proceeds will go to the event!

Black Frame. Matt. Glass.

Primitive.  Modern.  Explosive.  

American gunpowder artist, Vega carefully places powder and fuses on the surface of the art, which he positions horizontally on the floor (or blast table). When ignited, first the fuses burns instantly along the cord lines, igniting the gunpowder and creating a blast, which then vanish in clouds of smoke. The result is a textured surface that looks and feels like an explosion—the art is blackened, charred, and erupted, arrested in a state of being created in a flash.

When the fuse is lit there is a moment of uncertainty. What will happen? It is at that moment that true art exists.

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