Blow. New Double Blown Art from Stick Vega!

Blow.  Explosion. (2013)

Blow. Explosion. (2013)

Blow . (2013)

Blow. (2013)

Working in my studio, I spent a lot of time conceptualizing my new abstract work.  I needed to keep pushing forward and beyond the controlled blasts of my popular animal series. I settled on this direction after testing and experimenting with a number of pieces exploded on bamboo paper.  For, Blow, I put down several layers base paint.  Outside the studio, I exploded some concentric circles onto the panel with high speed fuses.  After cleaning the piece up, I added more layers of paint, some stencils, and applied gunpowder.  Still outside, I exploded the piece a second time!  Boom!  As the fire went out and the smoke cleared.  A new Vega was born.

I hope you like my new work and the direction I am exploring.  And, sorry, Blow is not for sale.