ART Milwaukee Selects Vega's BLOW!

BLOW   with a single light.

BLOW  with a single light.

Stick Vega Studio is pleased to announce ART Milwaukee has selected Stick Vega's abstract gunpowder painting BLOW as it's featured piece of the week. Each week, ART Milwaukee features an artist on Facebook, Twitter, in the newsletter and the website. Each pieces receives thousands of views.

ART Milwaukee's goals:

  • Make art consumption a fun, social and easy experience for a new class of art enthusiasts.
  • Build collaborative, dynamic and unique events that increase cross-promotion of many artists and art organizations.
  • Initiate and sustain long-term art projects that that impact neighborhoods through cultural and economic development. 
  • Create opportunities for public art installations and large-scale organic promotion of the works. 
  • Produce programs and services that bolster and support the development and promotional needs of local artists and arts organizations.

BLOW was exploded to life in early 2013.  It is 36" x 36", double exploded gunpowder and high speed fuses on a polenta painted board.  It is a gorgeous and thoughtful piece.

Stick Vega said of his selection, "This is pretty cool.  Thank you.  Boom!"