Equity Analysts. Detail. Explosive Art.

Close up of Buzzifolia. 

Close up of Buzzifolia. 

I was in a quarterly board meeting a few years ago.  The private equity firm we were working with had brought in a number of young analysts.  Smart kids from Duke, Harvard, and Stanford.  They had poured over our numbers in great detail, eager to make their mark.  To make an impression.

Our numbers were good.  Sales up.  Inventory down.  Expenses down.  Profits at an all time high.  One rookie analyst asked me, "Why are margins off from .6724 to .6721?".  Everyone at the table turned and looked at me.  A "gotcha moment!"   

 Are you really asking me to explain a .0003 difference?   I said, "Well, we sold a few more goods with less margin than we did last quarter".  

Stunned with my quick response. The group looked at each other.   Then back at me. Then back at each other. The analyst furiously took notes and said, " You sold more... goods... with less margin... than last quarter."   

I said, "Yes." 

The kid smiled and the meeting moved on. 

I know its hard for people to see the big picture.  And that's okay.  I hope you enjoy my creative work on many levels.  The immediate explosion.  The full work.  The detailed texture.  

Even if you went to Duke, Harvard or Stanford.

I have left my mark.  My impression.


Stick Vega is the American Gunpowder Artist.  He creates and blogs from Stick Vega Studios in Madison, WI and Bucktown, Chicago, IL.  Follow Stick at Facebook and/or Twitter