"The more gunpowder I use the less there is for killing!"

"The cool uncertainty of the explosion and burn..." 

"My work rises from the ashes!"

— Stick Vega

Stick Vega at The Century House

Stick Vega at The Century House

Vega At The Century House

The Century House in Madison, Wi is featuring an exclusive group of original Stick Vega gunpowder and fuse explosion art.  Discover more here.

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Renee Vig

My wife Renee is my biggest fan and harshest critic.  She runs The Blast Factory and still has time to do really cool work.  See her wonderful pastel art here:



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The Blast Factory

Stick Vega is the American Gunpowder Artist.  He creates modern, primitive, explosive art and blogs from Stick Vega Studios - The Blast Factory - in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Gunpowder Artist Stick Vega shows his explosive process, studio, and shares his philosophy on art. And YES! There are some super cool explosions!

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The new article from The Wisconsin State Journal on Stick Vega art and his journey!  

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Guaranteed. Boom!

Life is never guaranteed. Happiness is never guaranteed. However, Vega explosive art is guaranteed!  For life. Or until the sun explodes!

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