I love to partner up  and blow up some art.  In fact, about one third of my work is commissions.  We will talk about it.  Perhaps we can exchange some sketches. Then, I'll give you an estimate and you can decide if we should light the fuse!  Often buyers come to the studio to see the process and explosion.

There is some uncertainty with my work.  They blow up for gosh sakes!  But there is not risk.  My work is guaranteed for life or until the sun explodes.  I want you happy and proud of your Stick Vega gunpowder and fuse artwork.  So if you do not like it for whatever reason. No worries!

I do try to take photos of all of my work in process.  And the buyer is welcome to them.

Freight will be estimated and charged at cost.

So please contact me and send me your ideas for what you are hoping to achieve.