Stick Vega Blows Up Sales Record!

Vega preparing to ship  FOUR BULLS .

Vega preparing to ship FOUR BULLS.

Stick Vega explosion event.

Stick Vega explosion event.

Stick Vega Studios 2012 season ended with record breaking sales.  Vega also established a new record with twenty gunpowder artworks sold.

“This really was an extraordinary year. We blew up the record!” said Vega.

“I focused an incredible amount of energy (and explosions) on producing new, fun work. I explored and discovered new creative areas. The studio also concentrated a bit more on social marketing and creating a new and improved website that features my work as well as the process.”

Vega’s FOUR BULLS reached a new high point for a sale at $4,000.  Inexpensive works were sold at less than $200.  In addition, Stick Vega participated and donated his work for several charity events.  New gunpowder paintings were shipped to New York, California, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Arizona as well as always strong Wisconsin and Illinois. Half of the sales came through word of mouth and half through online contacts. It is a great time to invest in and own a Vega with prices expected to increase this year and into the future.

“This type of year never happens alone. I had a lot of help from Mike Vig. He led the studio to broaden the depth of our marketing. He pushes the brand,” said Vega. “My wife and fellow artist, Renee Vig, was instrumental in improving some of my techniques and well as working on the photography and videos. She is incredibly supportive and invaluable to this process.”

On deck for Vega in 2013?  Vega currently has requests for 4 more artworks, and is working on a number of new and exciting techniques and explosive  looks.  Also in the works is a gallery show and production event in the Fall of 2013.  

Born in 1960, American gunpowder artist Stick Vega creates primitive, modern, textured art with explosions. A former CEO and president, Vega left the business world in 2007 to pursue his passion. Stick has a simple mission, “The more gunpowder I use, the less there is for killing.”