Vega Readies Explosive Artist Edition Clothing

American gunpowder artist Stick Vega is preparing  to introduce an initial collection of fashion items that will look cool and embody his explosive art.   The limited edition graphic tee shirts, hats, and scarves will feature original artwork of Stick Vega.  The items will be selected and designed by Vega  in collaboration with Renee Vig.  Stick Vega has partnered with Alternative Apparel and Mad Town Printing for the initial production.  The items will be made in small quantities and have soft, sexy, feel with a graphic edge. Incorporating the original art will be unique to the market and will be a blast to wear.  The items will be available at and select retailers.

"A few months ago, I blew holes in one of my tee shirts by accident.  It looked cool, but didn't wash very well.   This new line is a much better way to make some cool and explosive looking fashion", said Stick Vega.

Stick Vega is the American Gunpowder Artist.  He creates and blogs from The Blast Factory in Madison, WI and Bucktown, Chicago, IL.  Follow Stick at Facebook and/or Twitter 


How to buy a $75,000 piece of art for $1,200!

Cai Guo-Qiang's Tiger and Eagle

Cai Guo-Qiang's Tiger and Eagle

Stick Vega's Overburn

Stick Vega's Overburn

In 2007, the artist of my inspiration, Cai Gou-Qiang sold a a painting for $601,000 at Christie's in New York City.  The piece, Tiger and Eagle, is gunpowder and ink on paper and roughly 118 x 157 inches.  I love it.  

But in thinking about it and doing a few calculations I computed the cost per square inch of Tiger and Eagle is $32.44.  My work, Overburn by comparison is 52 cents per square inch.  At 48 x 48, Overburn is less than 2% of the cost.  At this market valuation Overburn could be worth roughly $75,000.  Incredibly, you can buy it today for $1,200.

I learned my process by watching Cai work.  My work is smaller.  Brighter.  And in some cases I do more pop (pun intended) art than abstract work.  But, I use the same gunpowder.  The same black powder, fuses, fire and explosion.  The cool uncertainty of the explosion and burn is a great feature of my art.

So one of two things. I need to charge a lot more for my work.  Or, you need to buy a Stick Vega.  I hope you love my art and find value in it!  


Stick Vega is the American Gunpowder Artist.  He creates modern, primitive, explosive art and blogs from Stick Vega Studios in Madison, WI and Bucktown, Chicago, IL.  Follow Stick at Facebook and/or Twitter